Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ebony and Ivory

I have been stitching a lot for the past few weeks. The first weeks of the new year are crunch time if an embroidery teacher wants to submit proposals to teach at the next EGA National seminar. The new pieces need to be finished along with the paper work. I really should have finished stitching them long before now but with 10 people in the house, life never follows a smooth path.

It has been a fun creative time for me with a couple of new designs for both retail and teaching.

The creative process is always an interesting one and when I start I never quite know exactly how it is going the look when it is finished.
Now comes the hard part.....doing the paper work for the submissions and then writing the directions.

I can't show you the whole designs but here are a few sections. One of the designs is stitched in both blackwork and pulled thread (which is a tone on tone embroidery, usually white on white).

The other is cross stitch but finished as small accessories.