Thursday, September 26, 2019

Copper Bugs and Butterflies

When we were doing the penny bathroom, I wanted to do something to go in the room that had copper in it. So.. I decided that some dimensional embroidery and goldwork with copper threads would be perfect. I got out several of my Jane Nicholas books on stumpwork and found directions for  the bugs and inspiration and some templates for the butterflies.
Then I bought copper threads and sequins and beads and copper metal threads and then I bought some more. I have enough copper for several more projects - actually several dozen - some of which I have in mind for later.
I finished all of the critters and framed them together in a mat with nine cut out circles. They were so much fun to do. Sometimes I substituted threads when I didn't have the correct one and for others all I had was an outline and just got to play with metal threads, silk and beads.

Here is the complete set.

There are 4 butterflies, 4 beetles and a single dragonfly.

I figure that all of this embroidery is great practice for the Needlework Casket that I am ever so slowly working on.