Sunday, February 22, 2015

Katherin skirt and cross stitch class

Just when you think that you have life organized and can get to some of the wonderful projects that you want to work on.... well life in all its messy glory laughs at you and gets totally in the way.
However I still have found a bit of time to work on  a few things. Some are  works in progress and others are new.
I have been able to work on Katherin's skirt and have nearly all of the embroidery done. Just a bit more on one flower and then some finishing touches.

The second piece is for a class that I am in the process of writing. This is my version of the required sampler. Hopefully all of them will end up looking different.  The class includes a number of kinds of cross stitches and the students will have choices of colors, bands and just which order they want them in. Should be a fun class and hopefully they will learn a tons of things.