Friday, January 17, 2014

web sites and embroidery

After all the fuss with my web site disappearing it came back so now I have 4 web addresses. Of course it could be argued that all of my addresses are webb addresses, but since I was not a Webb growing up, I missed all of the humor that goes with a name that lends its self to that. You know... web feet, spider, web hands and of the other stuff.  I did get all of the funny and not too original humor that went with Standing so it was not that I was left out.
Anyway I now have:

One day I will have to find out how to combine them with the same provider but that is a frustration for another day.

On to things that are much more fun.

I dug out an embroidery that I had not worked on for years. Probably at least 15 'cause I found a slip from 1996 in the bag. I loved it when I first saw it and still like it after all of these years. The only part that I had finished was the head of the bear. Now there is a bear and a wolf plus a bit more. Sometimes it helps to rest the brain and stitch on something that doesn't require lots of special stitches.

Of course none of us can have just one project going so I have also been stitching on the gold work and making some real progress. It is fun to get this far on an embroidery. You can see how much you have finished and want to work faster so that you can enjoy the beautiful design and stitches.