Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Needles and Scissors as advertized

I have been doing some traveling in the past month. Whenever the opportunity presents its-self as I am traveling, I love to visit antique stores.
We were in Illinois and Iowa visiting some historical sites and found one of my favorite kinds of antique stores. This one was 2 miles down a curving river road and a bit cluttered. The "cool" kind of antique store in the middle of town usually has higher prices and the selection is fun but not quite what I am looking for. This one was full of interesting things and the prices were reasonable.
Since I like to collect sewing tools, I am always on the lookout for unique pieces.
These were advertised as  wall paper stamps but they might work for eyelet embroidery. They are a bit rusty but I couldn't resist.

These are not strictly for sewing but are children's scissors that were created for the Poll Parrot Shoe company. Since anyone who sews already has a collection of useful and decorative scissors, these will fit in perfectly.

This needle case has both sewing needles and knitting needles. I haven't checked all of the loose needles in the box but know that there is a set of knitting needles that are about size OOOO and several bodkins. A large sacking needle is tucked under the straps in the lid. There is a bit of rust on some of the needles but not too bad considering the damp climate that they called home before they ended up in the desert.