Monday, August 17, 2020

More Copper and Angels

 I have finally finished with working the copper critters. The last two are finished but I had to wait until I ordered some more copper pearl purl. You would think that I had enough thread for many more and I do but sometimes you want just that certain thread and nothing else will do. The final two are a bee and a snail.  I already have the frames so now I just need to get them framed to hang on the wall. 

Here is the bee in progress with a mock up of the wings while I waited for the copper screen to come, and finally the finished bee.

The last critter was the snail. I decided what I wanted to do and then started stitching and found that it was a bit more work than I assumed it would be because the shell is solidly stitched with either copper threads or a base of cotton for the gears. I just did the clockwork sections of the shell in a random pattern that turned out to be lots of fun to do. I arranged them in the section and then started stitching them down and had to rearrange as they shifted or went flying if they got bumped.

Now the copper is finished I have plans and ideas for some butterflies in silver.

I have seen pieces worked with a combination of gold and silver metal thread so I will keep the copper stash in mind and think about a gold, silver and copper piece. 

I also have been making good progress on Faith, Hope and Charity. I am on the top row and decided to fill in  the wings and the background around the head and halo for all three of the angels. I decided that it would be easier if I did all of those at one time so have incentive to finish the many shades of green background. Who knew that there are so many shades of spring green?