Tuesday, September 30, 2014

French Iris and Pumpkins

 I have been working on an embroidery of Iris in soft shading. It is coming along a bit slower than I wanted but I am liking the result. I am using flat silk for the stitching in shades of purple and green. The inspiration is a picture that I took in Bayeux in France.
These glass pumpkins are from the Corning Glass Works store. I was near there teaching a class in a beautiful forested area. It was fun to see all of the glass in the museum. Some great ideas for designs.  In the store they had many bushel baskets of glass pumpkins. I just had to bring a couple of the darling little ones home with me.
I am trying to work on several embroidery pieces at once and am actually making some progress on all the them.  It is fun to see them grow.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mistress L Sampler

Sometime when there is too much going on in my life, it is hard to get my mind to think creatively enough to design anything. When that happens I usually just work on one of the projects from my stash. This one is the newest of the stash projects and it is finished. The sampler is called Mistress L and is by Lauren Sauer. She also gave us a pin cushion and scissors fob.
Lauren encouraged us to make some changes so that I what I did.
This is the first of the projects for the Cabinet of Curiosities so it is dedicated to Katherin Isobell Boswell.