Sunday, July 2, 2017

Finishing - of several sorts

Since I last posted we have been busy finishing a few things. We have painted rooms and chairs, made valances, and worked on finishing some of the pieces from embroidery classes that I have taken.
I had fun painting a chair. It is an antique that I picked up somewhere. It has always been in rather bad shape and so it was perfect for painting in fun colors to match the room it is in.

Here is the unfinished chair

And here is the finished chair. I love the way that it turned out.

This is TEN from Amy Mitten. She does mystery stories that are explained in her embroidered sampler.

Nan Tyson Euler has always been one of my favorite friends and embroidery teachers.This is the last piece that I took from her. It is named Katherine for Katherine Swynford.  Nan always tells the story about the life of the woman that the sampler is named for. Katherine (born in 1350, died 1403) was a larger than life historical character who was first the mistress and finally the wife of John of Gaunt. Her descendants were  players on both sides of the War of the Roses and all modern British Royalty is related to her.
I did change the bird near the top but it was adapted from an illuminated letter from the same historical period.

This is a small snippet of the next one of the American Coverlet series of cross stitch patterns that are retail patterns released through Kelmscott Designs. It is called Flowers and Trees. I have one more designed that should be out in the fall.

Also here is a long overdue update on Faith, Hope and Charity. I picked it up and am nearly finished with the bottom row of pages. I have a plan for consistently working on it.   I hope to work a page a month. Here's hoping that I can hold that that plan.