Sunday, July 26, 2020

copper critters

When I was purchasing the supplies for the original embroidery of copper bugs and butterflies, I went a bit overboard. I mean how do you know what or even how much you are going to need when you are making it up as you go along? Plus as my grand-daughter puts it "oh shiny". The threads are so much fun to look at and play with that I have a great stash of shades of copper - from rose gold - light to bronze - dark.
We spend a week at the family cabin where I was able to work on them for more hours a day than I usually get to stitch so they progressed nicely. I was missing the final elements for two of them but thought that I had the supplies to finish when I got home. Well, I came home and put the screen on the fish to check the color and decided that bright brass metal screen would not work. So now I have two almost finished designs and nothing to finish them with. Hooray for the internet and the ability to hunt for unique things. I was able to find and order small amount of copper screen to see which was going to work better. When they came, I decided that one size was better for the fish and the other was perfect for the other critter.
I originally thought that I would do 5 critters  and put them in a row but now I an going to add one more and have two rows of three. The first two are finished and posted. The next two are finished and I will post them now. The fifth one is mostly finished and the final one is still in the idea/design stage.
This is the bird that I did. She has some fun techniques but I love the way that her legs turned out.

This is the fish that needed the copper screen for the fins. It was so much fun to do that as I was stitching, I thought, how would it look if I changed this part? So the fish may end up in something else eventually?

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Clockwork Jellyfish

Here is the next of the copper critters. I have always liked the way that jellyfish look and how they move. It has been fun to try to use threads to interpret the shape and movement of the tentacles of the jelly fish.  Now on the the next one.....