Sunday, November 5, 2017

Summer travels, Flowers and Stitching

This has been a very busy summer. In the space of six weeks I have been to Asheville North Carolina in the east, and have driven  up to Kalispell, Montana and down to Mesa, Arizona. We got caught in a six hour traffic jam around Las Vegas, Nevada. By the time all of it was over I was ready for a rest and some stitching time. We figured that we have driven enough distance that would have taken us from Los Angeles to New York
I took some pictures that I was going to post of flowers around the yard during the year. So now fall is upon us, I am going to post them so I can look forward to seeing them again next year.

Spring started with the Japanese Iris

  Then came the hibiscus in the summer

Finally the colors of fall

During the summer my ground cover strawberries bloomed. The blossoms are a deep pink but the fruit is tiny and mostly seeds. Just seeing them makes me smile

Although this is not a flower from my garden - oh, how I wish we could grow them here. Janie, the daughter of my niece picked them for me, the fragrance of the plumeria was fabulous.

More about stitching later of current pieces but I thought that I would post my most recent progress on the forever project - Faith Hope and Charity.