Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Retail Patterns - new blog

Times changes, the world turns and things move on....I know great platitude but true.
For the past 9 years Kelmscott Designs has been distributing my retail patterns. She called be several weeks ago to let me know that they were making some changes and would not be able to take any new patterns. Well.. since I still want to design and sell, I needed to do something else. So I set up new blog with all of the current retail patterns on it and contact information so that they could still be purchased. The blog address is: and the email is

So far I have talked to the Craftcenter of Fine Stitchery and they will have all of the patterns available.  I know that some shops still have patterns in stock and I will be contacting others. If you have a shop and are interested please let me know.

Shops that carry my patterns
Craftcenter of Fine Stitchery
Their contact information is or call 801-944-4994

Contact them at

As I add more stores I will add them to the list on the blog.

A great big THANK YOU to all of those you have and will continue to support that part of my life and business.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Peter Rabbits's Basket

Finally!!!  In 2012 I designed and stitched  all of the pieces for Peter Rabbit's Basket. I had thought that it would be a great teaching piece because it is full of fun shapes and stitches. It was taken off of the frame and set aside for finishing but somehow life just got busy and I never got around to finishing it.  So a week ago, I looked at it and decided it was time to finish it so I could share it. Fortunately, as I was gathering the lining fabrics and other bits, I had put them in a box so they were easy to find when I needed them.

The set features a white picket fenced garden with seed packet pockets, stitched wheelbarrow and a tin bucket button.
I stitched lots of veggies in the garden on Copper Penny linen, if you look closely there is  a space for a missing carrot that Peter got his paws on.

All of the seed packet pockets (tomato, radish, pumpkin, and beans), the sheath and pin keep are lined with fabric that matches the vegetable on the front. The "Early Peas" pin keep has green headed pins stuck in the sides. The carrot scissors sheath is covered with Smyrna crosses on one side and flame stitches on the other. The fob features Peter himself.

I am glad that it is finished but now I keep thinking that the basket has room for a few more smalls. I think  it needs a needle-book and perhaps a radish emery or...?