Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life and all of that

Interesting how there is a sometimes strange convergence of bits and pieces from out past. All that we have experienced through our life keeps popping up in places that you least expect.

When I was a high school and college student, it was the era of the Beetles but I was more into folk music -- Limelighters, Chad and Jeremy and Peter, Paul and Mary were a few of my favorites. A song from the Limelighters was called Seven Daffodils. I love the song and when it came time to start my business I used a daffodil as the symbol of my company - so the flower along with yellow paper has been for many years a symbol of my business which I named Carolina House. How it came to be called Carolina House is another story for another day. U=I found that as I did embroidery I could not resist changing it and ended up designing original work. The daffodil embroidery had only 6 flowers in it so I added the seventh.

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