Sunday, March 3, 2013

Embroidered Cabinet

I have signed up for a fantastic on line embroidery class. It is The Cabinet of Curiosities by Thistle Threads. I have always wanted to stitch what is called an embroidered casket ever since I first saw one. Here are a couple of pictures of the 17th century originals.

The class will run for 18 months and at the end we will have most of the knowledge that we need to stitch our own box. The first stitched piece of the teaching lessons is a pincushion. Here is mine with a picture of the back also. I love daffodils so I decided to stitch one for the front of my pincushion.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Carolyn, your pincushion is beautiful. How remarkable you are taking Cabinet of Curiosities class. I soooo look forward to seeing all your progress. I did read all about the class, parts 1 & 2. Your off to a wonderful start:) LOVE your daffodil flower. Lovely background color you chose. love Annette