Sunday, October 20, 2013

NEW WEB SITE !!!! and pearl shells

It's done.... I switched my web information to or I had been using the old names for more than 10 years.
Building the site took longer than I wanted but not as long as I thought it might, but it is now working. The new hosting company was very nice and got things going in just a few minutes. The company who took over my old names wanted more than $536 to give them back to me. The old web name is on so many patterns but onward and forward.
It took me most of the day to set up the new site but now I can at least work on it and make changes as I need to. The language of the last site was so hard to use that I needed help to even add a class to it.
I won't be updating it very often but will add things from time to time.


Now on to fun things. One of my darling students, Linda Smith,  not only sent a photo of her finished piece but also sent me some pearl shells. In class we were talking about pearls and pearl buttons and discussed how American shells were used for both of them. The button blanks were cut from the shells and then polished and drilled. Japanese cultured pearls start with beads cut from the shells. I had known about them but had never seen the shells and now I have three of them to add to my collection of antique sewing tools.


Here are the shells with some of the buttons that would have been made from them.

See how the inside of the shell glows.

Here is some lace that I crocheted using the pearl buttons. It really makes an interesting edging.

 I used the edging on this pin cushion and added a fun initial from an antique French alphabet in the center.

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