Friday, July 18, 2014

Japanese Beading

Late last April, I took a beading class with Mary Alice Sinton. It was Paisley on Parade. She came to Salt Lake to teach us how to start Japanese Beading. I have loved the look of this form of beading for years. Every time that I saw Mary Alice at a seminar I have tried to"borrow" one of the purses that she brings to show. Since I pick them up with her watching, I never get away with one--- so, I thought that I'd better take a class and learn how to do my own. Since it was a basic class the technique was not too hard, plus since it is based on Japanese Embroidery, I already had a head start.
We started with a piece of beautiful fabric and added beads to accent the design.
Here is the fabric.

Here are some of the intermediate steps of the beading.

This is the finished top.

Here is the finished Paisley on Parade box. Enjoyed the technique. I also have a purse started but that is a project for down the road sometime.

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