Saturday, November 1, 2014

Santa of the Forest and Katherin

I have been working on Santa of the Forest for quite a while. Actually more than quite a while, as I was looking through the bag that it was kept in I found a receipt from 1999. I have always like it; am glad that I am getting back to it and am getting close to the finish. Here is a photo with the white part of the beard stitched.

This is a photo of a painting that I was going to name after one of my ancestors. The original is actually from Italy in about 1660. When my father asked me for a picture that he could paint for me, I picked this one because it is really sweet and of a girl of about the right age for my Katherin but it is from 1660 and Katherin needs to be from 1670. So the painting will be her sister or cousin.
My father was born in 1923 and at 91 years old he still does fabulous things.
I have had fun deciding on her story and how she came to stitch a needlework casket. I am going to do some fun pieces to fit in my casket.

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