Saturday, March 28, 2015

Katherin's stomacher and petticoat

I have been stitching the designs on the fabric for a couple of the articles of clothing that my Katherin Isobell Boswell is going to wear. I finished the construction of the her stomacher and the outer-petticoat. I love the way that the blue-green goes with the shades of gold. I was able to find some silk ribbon that almost matched the silk fabric and was able to use it when I sewed the stomacher. All that is left to make is her dress - well first the muslin mock up and when I have the pattern created then I will hand sew the dress.

The plain edges of the stomacher will be covered by the dress. The ribbon tabs were used to pin the stomacher to her stays.

The petticoat is lined with pale gold china silk and fastens with a hook and eye. In my collection I have a number of hooks and eyes from the 1600's.

 Here are both of the new pieces together on the doll.

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