Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Katherin is finished

She is finished!!!! Katherin is dressed. I was able to finish sewing her dress yesterday and today I  put the lace on it and dressed her. All of her clothes are sewn and embroidered by hand. Her dress is pale gold taffeta and the lace is hand made bobbin lace. I was able to purchase some lace fragments several years ago so I could cut them up to use for her collar, sleeves and cuffs.
As much as possible as I made her clothes, I  used historical patterns and techniques. However when I was putting her dress together that would not work. Pins were used to pin parts of the bodice to the stomacher and also fasten the skirt in place. Since pins that tiny do not exist, I assembled her dress with needle and thread. I have enjoyed all of the study, embroidery and the sewing that it took to put her together.

New projects are in the planning stage to do more things for my 17th century casket and accessories.

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