Friday, April 24, 2020

Munaudiere and Klimt

Some months ago I took a class from Mike Parr. He is a great designer and teacher from Canada. The project was called Sheryl and is a small evening purse that was inspired by Gustav Klimt. I couldn't resist changing the design because I wanted more gold and brighter colors. My inspiration was a painting of poppies from Klimpt although I did study a number of his paintings to get ideas of what I wanted.

Here is the original paining.

Here is the front of my purse.

And this is the back of it.

The embroidery part was fun to do because of the bright contrasting colors.  I wanted something on the back that was in keeping with the front but not in color. So I did swirls of gold and put a tree of life inspired by one of his in the center. The finishing was not difficult but cutting and then gluing my embroidery was a bit disconcerting. However it it finished and I love it. The name minaudiere makes me smile and I finally learned how to pronounce it.

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  1. The word minaudiere makes me smile too =D Your's looks lovely