Sunday, February 14, 2021

Goldwork and a family heirloom

 Years ago my grandmother gave me a glass micro mosaic pin from Italy. I didn't ever wear it but did make a small silver box  and I used the pin as a lid for the box. Several years ago I discovered the jewelry art of Marianne Hunter and am so inspired by her creativity and her work. Much of what is does is in enamel and it is a very technically difficult type of  craft.

This is a pendant that she named Kabuki Kachina in Crimson Poppies. She has used a number of old jewelry pieces in her work including some micro mosaic pins. 

I took my pin and used many different couching and other embroidery techniques to design and create a home for it. I need to come up with a wonderful name for it like she does but so far nothing really fits yet. It is a mille fleur design so that must feature in it somewhere. 

I took the circular shape as my starting point and used many overlapping arcs to create my design. Then I needed to fill the voids with designs that complemented the colors of the pin and the shapes that I had created. It was fun to decide just how I wanted to fill in the areas and then add the outlines to balance the work. 

I think that I will make an oval box with this as the top.

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