Saturday, June 8, 2013

As so it begins...........

We have been wanting to remodel our kitchen for years plus after 30+ years the bathrooms needed some updating, plus a larger family room would be wonderful when everyone gets together.
So how did we get from a "simple"  kitchen update to tearing up the whole main floor of the house. Well... there is this little thing called Pintrest that got me thinking about some changes and then a friend of ours told us what her addition cost and we thought - "we can do that".
So we met with the contractor and got a loan to add a 16 by 12 foot addition to the family room on the main floor and in the basement. Because our lot slopes, our basement is ground level on the sides and back so it has big windows and a door to walk out into the yard.
But like the domino effect, first we (meaning long suffering husband) had to tear off the back deck, since that was in the way of the addition.
He was supposed to start construction on May 13th but the city fathers had other ideas about the drawings, engineering and permits so here it is June 8th and nothing yet except demolition.
The deck was the first thing to go.

The twins are checking out the progress

Here is the back of the house minus the deck.

Then our friend suggested, "as long as you are tearing up the family room, why don't you do the kitchen?" So, after thinking about it - not sure if we thought long enough. We decided to redo the floor, cabinets, counter top and sink. And while we were at it, we thought that it would see if we could raise the ceiling. We had one of those ceilings from the 70's that had recessed lighting in the center. If we could take out the walls above the cabinets then we would be able to get taller cabinets. More storage - I liked the thought so we cut holes in the walls, took a look and the plumber said that he could relocate the pipes that hang down below the beams in the ceiling.  So more demolition and now we have an industrial ceiling look with exposed pipes.

Next domino to fall was the fireplace. I have never liked the color of the brick and we have been discussing a gas fireplace for years. The metal box for the fireplace made it look good but more heat went up the flue than the fire could produce. Plus as long as the basement family room ceiling was going to be taken out so that it would match the new addition, it would be the perfect time to run the gas pipe to the fireplace. Smash, cut and tear-out begins again and now there is a hole where the fireplace was.

We have bought new dishwasher in place of the old one that likes to leave a pool of water in the bottom. A microwave that goes over the stove will free up more cabinet space and will be a welcome addition.

I still am getting some stitching done. Here is a bit of the newest design.
Just waiting for the frame and it is finished.

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