Sunday, June 30, 2013

Part two of many to come

I thought that I would give you an update of both the house and my stitching. The house is torn up and I have put many things in boxes. This is the time when you realize just how much "stuff' you really have - and I am not talking about the important "stuff" like my stash from embroidery. These are the fun things that you pick up one by one and bring home from traveling or just the pretty things that you like. Of course they are things that mostly you don't want to get rid of but they sure do take up the room in boxes for storage right now.

I have been working on Faith, Hope and Charity again. It is my project between the other pieces that I work on. When I finish another design, I work on it for a bit and then go back to one of my new designs.  Here is a new section. I have added about 5000 stitches in this section to fill out the page on the chart. It was background so not too exciting but necessary. There are 1024 cross stitches per inch and the quarter shows the scale of the work.

Here are more pictures of the house.
The backyard has a hole for the footings of the new addition.

The kitchen has the plumbing re-routed so now the ceiling can be put back up.

The floor is rather interesting.... we found a layer of particle board under the layer on the kitchen floor that we had put there when we put down vinyl tile years ago.   So there are 4 layers on the floor right now. Tile, particle board, particle board and plywood. All of it except for the plywood has to come up so that we can have hardwood put down.

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