Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Corinithian Column

I have been working on this piece of English gold-work for a while and am pleased with how it is looking. It is hard to work more than an hour at a time because of the fine detail.  I will love the finished piece but am enjoying the process of stitching.

I also have a new pattern  that is ready to send out. It was fun to do and I hope that others will enjoy it too. It is called Spot On! because it is a group of spot motifs. I love the crisp look that double running gives to a design. The colors are shades of green on an antique ivory linen. It is so hard to get a really good photo. The colors are always a bit off, especially the background.

The house is being worked on every day. The progress seems slow but there is so much to do. The man who is doing the kitchen cabinets brought a sample door for us to look at and it is beautiful. First will come the floor and then the cabinets. Most of the old floor is torn out and some of the cabinets all of them will need to be gone by Monday so they can start on the floor.

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