Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Just a darling litte garden

I have been busily working on the Hidden Magnolia Sampler. I had finished stitching this darling little garden that I changed because I wanted my garden to grow different flowers than those that were charted. I also added the fountain and changed the urn and the fence and a few other things.
I thought that I would then put it away and work on one of my other unfinished pieces or even (gasp)design something new to stitch, but the large bunch of silk thread was just setting there and not available for other things so....... here I am working on other parts so that I can finish and put the threads away so that they are ready for the next project.

I did finish one small piece. I had charted an antique alphabet for Feather Your Nest and thought that I would stitch one of the letters. We were cleaning out the fabric scraps at work and I found one that I really liked so I grabbed the Elizabethan Green silk and stitch the letter C on it and finished it with a piece of panne velvet and turned it into a frame weight. It felt good to accomplish something even if it was not very big.


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