Sunday, January 7, 2018

Catching up on several fronts

I have been needing to update a few things and so am going to put several unrelated pictures here with a bit about them.
I have been collecting a type of glass that is Early American Pressed Glass. I only collect the pattern called Utah or Twinkle Star. It is fairly simple, just clear with a few stars but I like it. It is hard to find but I do have quite a number of different pieces. Unless I have several of the same piece, I try to buy it whenever I find it.This is a wine glass that I just purchased.

I like to make dolls occasionally  and bought the pattern for this one several years ago and just finished it in time for the holidays. It is truly a Jolly Old Elf.

I have been trying to work on Faith, Hope and Charity for a couple of weeks every month and here is the progress to date. I am excited to see it grow. One of the customers at the shop brought in an "over one" embroidery that took her 12 years to finish but I am hopeful that I can finish before that many years but it you count from the date I started it might be that long.

I have started on the trinket box that is part of the Cabinet of Curiosities class that I am working on. Two side done and two more plus the top to go. Then comes the assembly.....going to have to study up on that before I glue anything together.

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