Sunday, January 7, 2018

Post number two - Student Work

I know two posts in one day, what is this world coming to. I wanted this fabulous work from Elma, one of my embroidery students to stand alone so it didn't get lost with all of the other things that I posted today.
She sent me photos of her Jewel Box Bag. She did a great job of embroidering it with a couple of nice changes and then she also did the finishing. It is always so much fun to see a class piece finished.
I know that some of the pieces from classes do get done. I also know there are lots of them just setting in a bag waiting for the right moment. I must confess that I have a number of UFOs from classes that I have taken that are tucked away waiting for a future finish.

Not only did she finish the bag but I gave the class a bonus pattern of a blackwork biscornu and she stitched and finished that also.  Note the great colors that she used for hers. So much better than basic black and white.

So hats of to Elma for her finishes.

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