Friday, April 2, 2021

Background of Faith, Hope and Charity

 This has been the never ending project. I started it in about 2008 and worked on it sporadically for  the next bunch of years. I would work on it and then put it away for a year or two and get it out again. About 3 years ago I decided it was time to finish it. I have stitched on it usually 2 weeks a month and the progress has been slow but steady. I have posted some of my progress on the blog. Finally the background is finished. Who knew that there were so many light spring greens.. I have saved the halos, hair and faces for last. I want to put metallic gold in the halos so I figured that if I did them all at the same time it would save time. I will also need to change some of the colors used in the faces. The original charted colors in the flesh tones was too bright and garish. The detail in the stitched version is amazing and no photo will ever show just how it really looks.

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