Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Sewing tools/ pear shaped and a Fiber Talk Podcast and/or Youtube interview

 For years I have collected sewing tools and thought I ought to share some of them with you. This group is all pear shaped.   Three of them are wood and the other is vegetable Ivory.  

This is the same set open. From the left front, a pin poppet, behind it is a a thimble holder, next to that is a tape measure and finally a pincushion/thimble holder. The pin poppet was meant to hold pins in a enclosed secure case that went in the pocket. For years women's clothing was at least partially pinned together and if you lost a pin then this little case held the extra ones that you needed.  The thimble case is beautifully carved wood and helped keep track of your thimble. The tape measure is painted wood and the cotton tape is printed in inches. The case on the far right is one that my father carved for me. I saw one like it and so he made this one. I lined it with velvet and left a place in the center for a thimble.

This is the last tool that I could not resist. It is a Vegetable Ivory pear measuring tape that is carved and pierced. The tape is red cotton marked in centimeters.  It has Mar del Plata written on it. Often small sewing tools were made as souvenirs. This one was for a city in Argentina. 

One day several weeks ago I got a message from Gary L Parr. He does Fiber Talk as a podcast and on Youtube. He and Beth visited with me for an hour about all sorts of embroidery related topics. I was not sure how I would do but he is a wonderful host and so easy to talk to. We also talked a bit about embroidery tools and I mentioned that I had a pincushion with a chicken wishbone. Kind of an odd thing but I have seen many of them for sale.

Also on FlossTube at: https://youtu.be/XPnzllT3m_Y

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