Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Past classes and UFO's

I can't believe just how fast this summer has gone.  I have told people that the only thing that I miss about the pandemic was the days and weeks of having nothing on my calendar. How that has changed this year. My mother told me that I needed to learn to say "NO" but, but but..... There are so many things I need to do and others that I just want to do, so.. now we are back to figuring out a schedule so I don't run around like crazy and nothing gets done.

Our Embroiderers' guild has a UFO challenge in the chapter. Unfinished Objects that linger in the back of the closet or drawer that keep calling our name. I am pretty good at getting rid of the ones that I no longer want to do but there are still a number that I really want to complete.

In 2002, I attended an embroidery symposium at the Peabody Essex Museum and took several classes. One, which I occasionally think about as I look at the box but it is not on the to-do list. The other one was a class from Shay Pendray and is a Japanese embroidery of a bunch of grapes. I have always wanted to finish it but.. you know how it goes. Other things end up on the top of the pile. I decided to pull it out and finish it. It is not very big and did not take long and now I am not sure what to do with it but it is finished.

Here are the grapes

and here is the small pouch that we got at the symposium. Which is how I knew when I attended.

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