Sunday, November 27, 2016

Teaching classes that I offer to groups of students

This past year or two has brought changes to all us but one of the changes that I have made is that I am not traveling and teaching as much. I am not proposing for seminars and the only teaching that I am doing is when a group contacts me and I will go teach for them. It really is much more relaxed and I am having fun working on some past projects and designing new ones. I have been able to design some custom pieces for groups that I visit.
Because of all of the above and the expense, I decided to close down my web site. I have never been really good at keeping it up anyway. I kept the original domain names so that I could use them if I wanted to but for now I will be putting things on the blog. I do want to start some cyber classes but that is still in my imagination and the future. Contact me at if you are interested and I will send you the details and prices.
Also design samplers and needle work boxes and smalls. If you want a piece just for your group we can talk about it. Perhaps the best way to see some of the thing that I have done is just to google my name and look on images.
I mostly teach blackwork and pulled thread but there are a number of other pieces that I have taught also. Most of the things that I teach are scheduled for two day classes. For blackwork, I use silk on linen with touches of gold thread. Usually they are black on white but a couple do have color.
The pulled thread is usually cotton thread on linen.

This first one called Basket of Gold is a four day class but it could be done in three days.

Cherry Blossom


Floral Explosion



Dyeing for Blackwork
In this one you dye your own silk threads and fabric in class so it can be almost any color.

Pulled Thread

Belle Fleur


Lady Jane's Lace Sampler

Lucy's Pocket

Moon Flower Bag

If you have questions let me know. I love to design and teach so please contact me so I can come and visit you.

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